Fear The Walking Dead Wikia, Cast, Plot Summery and Premise


Fear The Walking Dead Wikia, Cast, Plot Summery and Premise

Walking Dead a full flagged horror drama tv series which has been running successfully from over five years with the last and the fifth season came to its closure March 29th, 2015 has already been renewed for the next sixth season. But AMC the official channel to run and own the show has planned more and as the next season of Walking Dead goes air in the month of October, what they have planned is to come up with an additional companion series show to the Waking Dead now has been conformed with the name being give as Fear The Walking Dead to get a kick start with a new world but carrying off the same theme of the world came under the apocalypse of the half dead creatures, the zombies and this is that one show which is making a buss around as to come up as an interesting show to run incline with the present Walking Dead series but with a new thrill, fear, drama and rush to it.

Fear The Walking Dead Premise and Suspected Plot

Well basically the world of Walking dead was pretty chaotic when it begun and suddenly we knew that the world has turned into a grim and vulnerable environment of so many half dead creatures, particularly known as the walkers into the series are all over the place and the very few, the lead charters would have to strive their ways to survive somehow but the world of Fear The Walking Dead from the trailer that are our so far which not really trailer but are more of teasers to the show, constantly hints out that the show has got a very fresh feel about it which takes the thrill and fear to a next level, where the focus of the show seems more onto to create the aura of outbreak and chaos which is soon to take place without even involving the walkers.

Not just that but the show has its beginning not with the chaotic world but bring you pretty much behind the time of where it actually began and the whole place turning into an apocalyptic world as it all took place in The Walking Dead Series. Well the show is definitely nowhere connected to the ongoing series and infact being The Walking Dead Spin Off, Fear The Walking Dead has got its own format of a world coming under threat and differs a lot from even the surface of The Walking Dead Series. Like for example this upcoming series will have a very defining and more content driven plot as the world that has been give to it has got the geographic value as the series is set in Los Angeles, California so the pace would have a lots many people still being ok and leaving and as the crisis run into the city the story then will focus on to initial lead charters taking the story ahead.

Fear The Walking Dead Summery and Ensemble Cast

So Basically this would be rather a very new series which is not part of any original comic series or not even The Walking Dead Original Comic Series but year unlike the creator and writer of The Walking Dead Series, Fear The Walking Dead is one of the latest and original work by Robert Kirkman and Dave Erickson and as it is set in the city of Los Angeles where the people will soon discover the outbreak and as the city goes under the threat not suddenly by the ‘walkers’ or the ‘biters’ as are referred in the

series, but bring a threat of people suddenly getting infected by some kind of virus which would take the city and its people into a pretty vulnerable state of going crazy and there it focuses on the lead charters, A divorced teacher Travis and a high school guidance counselor Madison being a single parent would not have protect their children as the city ran into an outbreak and will have rush their selves to get to a safer zone.

The show do have some of the very important personality who have been previously well known for their characters into some of the famous series and films like, Travis the teacher played by Cliff Curtis belong to the show Gang Related, Madison is played by the Gone Girl’s Kim Dickens, Nick Madison’s son by Frank Dillane from Harry Potter & Half Blood Prince, Nick’s sister Alicia would be played by Carey from The 100 and few more characters are like to be joined along with Elizabeth Rodriguez as Liza, she play Travis’s ex-wife, Mercedes Mason as Ofelia and Ruben Blades as Daniel to also be part of the series.

The series was announced and order later in the month of March and is likely to go on air in August 2015 as the official air dates are not yet out but the show would run on AMC Network, for more news related to the upcoming exclusive series Fear The Walking Dead stay tuned to us.